Free Breakfast Hotels

Hot Cocoa Walks Out

Free Breakfast Hotels
        Hot Cocoa Walks Out
Exactly the picture in my dream the night before
The early risers gone now less crowd an hour more
Got a dining booth for four for two of us
Nonchalantly walked around eyed where I must
Dripping melted butter and golden maple syrup
On thick buttermilk pancakes stacked like plates piled high up
Thick crispy lean hickory bacon slices
Yum plump patty jimmy dean sausages
Creamed chipped beef on toasts good bite
A dish of scrambled eggs why not it’s right
Cheese cold cuts yes bagel with marmalade jam
Side of nice and crispy corned beef hash lumps
Danish muffins gotta have hard boiled eggs added
Ah raw brown sugar and coffee Italian dark roasted
All delish one last round yogurt and fresh fruit salad bowl
Cocoa packets few pocketed and a smooth walk out the hall
* * *
Photo: Pinterest Pancakes

First morning. Two more to go. Ah...the little thrills and adventures of hotel lodging. None of the “big” thrills anymore, long time gone.

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