Into The Winter Solstice

Portals of Mistletoes

Into The Winter Solstice
               Portals of Mistletoes
Gingerly you tiptoe... cross over the threshold underneath a mistletoe
No one to kiss... you slowly walk straight into a space... an interlude of joy
Of toys of happiness of dreams and fantasies
A paradise garden of innocence a warp time in your youth
When you sat on Santa’s lap with a throbbing heart
Widest twinkling eyes and secret Christmas wishes
A toy gun a real heavy gun toy you whisper to his ear
One passionately crafted by samurais metal sheen you want
Box of chocolates and caramel candies... ah... heaven’s delight
From the land of the strong the brave the plenty and the free
Now friends across the seas once upon a time the two countries
Relentlessly red stained the already crimson soaked Mother Earth
Today more than ever eye to eye flank and shoulder missiles in tow
Eagle poised to blow out the hell from yet another fire spitting dragon
Such is one of many dark shadows lurking beneath a tapestry of fears
Man made nature born cloud this season of joy as the red suited Santa
Prepare for a journey load faith hope and love on the sleigh once more
Resolved to spread peace under a gray sky sans a single real toy gun even
Yet ever blue the World smoothly will glide underneath galactic mistletoes
A rebirth at all times with clumps of emerald leaves pregnant with clusters
Of angel white berries mists of Venus kisses weave fluttering flocks of white doves
Feasts of love and merriment festivals of faith hope and peace... continual
Into the Winter Solstice to interludes of joy to space yonder where the doves
Fly to portals of mistletoes... where sweet goodnight kisses await all creatures on Earth
                                * * *
Artwork credit: paperwork designs/Zazzle
Video: BoneyM/YouTube about 5 minutes

Mistletoe traditions date back to Greek and Roman times as you may well know. It has been associated with fertility, rebirth, vitality notwithstanding it being a parasitic plant. Also it has become a symbol of peace and friendship. Most familiar of course is the kissing custom during Christmas where a man is allowed to kiss any woman under a mistletoe and bad luck goes to a woman who refused the kiss, so it is said. The poem brings together these traditions, associations and symbolism juxtaposed with faith, hope and love we always observe during Christmas under any circumstances-truly a Season of Joy-a Winter Solstice-a Rebirth. Miracles happen with every breath you take every kiss you give.

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