Get Naked and Share

Goodnight My Nightingale

Get Naked and Share
      Goodnight My Nightingale
Unshroud. Shower in love.
Bathe in love. Take in love.
Massage in love. Into every pore.
Of the body skin. Breathe in.
The fragrance of love. Breathe out.
Share the sweet spirit of love.
Unshroud your life’s mysteries fears
Laugh wash the pain down the drain
Smile soak in the soothing invigorating
Cool warm shower of love pour it in
Spiral from the halo to the pilgrim soles
Down your spine into your naked soul
Unshroud. Seek love reboot life. Live.
There is love there. Here there is love.
Yonder far more. Far. Beyond horizon.
In the air by nature love is. In life at all times.
Breathe life. Trust. Share the spirit of love.
Alas goodnight
My nightingale sing sweet dreams of love

A lament and love and trust and hope. A nightingale’s longing her sweet song.

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