To be your love again
I stand at the crossroads again in my life
As purple shadows are hugging the terrain
And the twin stars setting a blue world far
Far away my home since we bid goodbye
In silence many moons and twilights ago
When our dreams were kisses of joy
In our hearts cherished and treasured
Love air we breathed deeply into our souls
Naked  breeze borne twist to a passionate
Love dance many moons and twilights ago
Memories dearly held enshrined in me as
I fly back with the shooting stars to our world
So strong this  yearning to be with you... yes
My love be your love again relive the halcyon
In our hearts many moons and twilights ago
Ah...To be your love again
Our dreams kisses of joy
My love be your love again
                                * * *
Photo: ndr Yosemite Sun Settng Fall 2017

Love is what it is.

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Robert L. Martin
about 2 years

Who is the lucky girl?

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

No one in particular. This is a song I thought would relate to someone who wants to reconnect with his/her true love. Not necessarily their first love either but somebody close to a soulmate if not truly one-a friend, a lover, a partner in crime, one’s alter ego. Someone who had passed away maybe and hoping to meet with again and relive their happy times together. A longing kind of song.

Thanks Robert for liking.


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