Banished Again

Hades Among Us
             Banished Again
Banished from the Garden of Eden once more infidels
Tethered to the galloping horses of the apocalypse across
The Styx to the flaming gates of the Stygian chasm into fiery
Abyss of death Tartarus deepest chamber of fallen angels
Where Hades is waiting nibbling his fresh bloodied claws
Stroking the growling  tri-headed Cerberus with his other hand
White Red Black Pale horses blazing through the fire gauntlet
To the bluff plunging and howling desperate cries of hollow souls
A blanket of hate we see all around vicious too romantic a word
To veil  the evil Medusa snake heads of disguises hypocrisies
The hollow fake eloquence of love undeniably sepulchral
Transparent the threat of a blood trident evil callousness
And it proliferates like a cancerous cell wrapping around
A beguiled hypnotized constituency confused lost disoriented
At what cost do we have to pay to get back the word love now
Lightly thrown everywhere mucked stripped of all its virtues
Angry Helios will keep  beating on us deep into our sinewed souls
Love we lost the armor gives the protection the sunscreen we need
Fortitude against adversity head on the shoulders we remain prudent
Respect for all races of people self restraint carries us through
Until we get back the word love in its unblemished red sacred form
Faith hope and charity are but words only juxtaposed with letters
Devoid of any meaning we once knew by heart the graces of love that
Shielded the hate spewed from the forked tongues of the Hades among us
                                                      * * *
Photo: Public Domain

Inspired by R L Martin and V Evora verses re. the chaotic state of affairs
world wide, the egregious hatred consuming the minds of the political leaders
of the world that somehow profoundly affected the public. A paradise lost
in a lot of ways, banished again from the Garden of Eden.

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Francis Robert L. Martin
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Robert L. Martin
about 1 year

Beautiful words. I wish I knew as much about Greek mythology as you do. I love it

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 1 year

Thanks for the fave, Robert. Mythology helps although sometimes you get lost in the beauty of it that your poem becomes fantastic, far too remove from reality-exotic yet could fly a reader to a dreamland, over the rainbow so to speak-metaphors galore! And that’s what poetry is in a lot of ways.

about 1 year

Your references to Greek mythology (which I love with a passion since I was a child) makes this poem really powerful. I'm glad that what I have written, inspired you to write this great piece. I like! Thanks for sharing.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 1 year

Thank you, Brod. There’s another poem I wrote about hate and love sometime ago. I believe you had read it. My grandkids looove! Greek/Roman mythology as much if not more than I do. I try to keep up with them. Glad you like.


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