Love Offering

A Gift of Soul

Love Offering
         A Gift of Soul
A scream muffled lost for words
  Confuse I am whole body in distress
A different kind none prior and lingering
  Deep penetrating pain cry my soul in sorrow
I languish lament question my faith
  Why our loved one? Our beautiful rock
Of the family’s humble home our castle of love
Rage red eyes hopelessness
  I cry depressed and aggrieved
Stare blankly into horizon
  With eyes dead into sunrises
Inside my soul weeping i sink
  Deep into the well of sorrow
My eyes now a bit dry from crying slowly
  Fill the hollowed out empty heart
With all the strength I can gather
  Begin to see things clearing yet diffused
Still strained I feel the love the warmth
  A big circle of caring engulfing our family
Our worries straight into arms embraced
  Slowly recover our smiles though guarded
Build our confidence back stronger we get
  Held up high our head with hope and belief
Rekindle our faith and love again is sustained
  Begin to accept without fear nor doubt
We give back to our Creator the Celestial  Guardian
  Our dear one a gift of soul from heaven once given by Him
For our beloved’s eternal rest care and joy
  A place of love peace an immortal life now blissful blessed
Photo:ndr Sun Risen, NC Beach 6:09 AM
Video: Schubert Serenade 6:22 minutes

Belated grief and love song to all our beloved in my family who crossed the threshold to eternity who I missed at the time of their journey to eternal life. I love you all. Until we meet again.

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