Extolling Nature

It is all spread out there
Here to eternity beyond the horizon
All the light colors yet to be broken
Sparkling over the visible spectrum
It’s all out there as you step out
From your space within as you
Open the windows of your soul
Your eyes squint from the first rays of sun
You breathe smell the tint fragrance
Of the breeze all too familiar on a good day
Sat down reached deep into the empty caverns
Of your being for an appropriate word
None that you can think of
For what is before you is all the words
Frozen yet put together breathing alive
Lush in metaphors foliage in similes
Sonnets quatrains haikus lyrical epics
In spectacular color wheels of nature
Fauna and flora hewn into symphonies
We can only plagiarize and steal.
©NDR 7.24.2016

Nature is very forgiving. Let's help ourselves and defrost those
words in plain sight before us, extol nature with these stolen words.

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