Caramel Popcorn

paradise earth

Caramel Popcorn
                paradise earth
One’s view of the world is as good as anyone else’s
A dream that everyone has
Good or bad
It is a personal longing
A matter of acceptance in the end
A dream that is ever alive
Not a matter of resignation
In a world that is what it is
For the core the faith is always there
What could be more reassuring and magical than seeing
The abundance of beauty a resurgence of life across all earth
In all its age-old glorious existence
Hearing songs of the flowering of white winter fields
The soft music greening of the canyons and hills
Seeing the rivers overflowing with sparkling jumping fresh water
Again rushing bubbling into fog curtain arches of rainbows
Water cascading falling giving life to the cliffs past dry seasons
Tall evergreen trees anxiously ever waiting
Greeted the cousin deciduous trees that are spreading silently  their crowns
Offering sanctuaries once more to emerging and migrating life of all kinds
Flocks of winged singing happy creatures
Preening and stretching wide their  colorful wings
Into the night roosting from prey cats and owls
The moon playing hide and seek with the clouds mimicking ghosts
Sparks of fire trailing zigzagging brightly the night sky like firecrackers
Poseidon’s faithfuls jumping out of their bodies with joy
The sun churning up more and more eternal solar wind energy
Across the blue sky sustaining life as far as its light can reach
And paradise earth smoothly continues the path making the loop
Precisely tilting near and far from the sun
For ages saying I am yours take me love me
Dance me the music of life the warm air into cool breezes
Sashay with me the cool breezes into warmer magnificent colors of the canopies
Transition me into cool golden falling leaves dipping
And waltzing into silvery glittering sequins of snow
As the children are keeping warm huddled in a soda fountain
By the skating rink with their hot cocoa
Waiting for a ride home to a warm bed accepting giggling
Giving in to a dream of another flowering of the white fields
Another chocolate milkshake with cream and red cherry
Playing hopscotch on the boardwalk by the beach half naked under the sun
An innocuous acceptance of the cycle of life the trailers to see more
The emptying of a tub of caramel popcorn in a movie theater
Photo: ndr screenshot Pinterest
Philippines rainbow tree

There is no place in the whole Cosmos like Earth. I have yet to see one in my lifetime! Hmm...

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