All Hands On Deck

Love One Another

“Let there be spaces in your togetherness.” K. Gibran

Faith and Love

Love you all. I wish you a happy moment and a happy day. Hard to do this April Fools Day. Harder even  as at this very moment and into the day our discomfort and anxiety will be with us and mostly will be increasing as the day progresses under the dark cloud of the specter of death spreading worldwide. My faith in the love and the goodness and magnanimity of mankind tells me that better moments and days are ahead-I believe the dawn of Spring, a resurrection of paradise earth is inevitable.


In the meantime let us all maintain a level head during this life and death situation, the uncertain times we are all in. We maybe huddled in the same dugout and trench, our first line of defense against a common enemy made harder to fight as we can not see it coming from nowhere, lurking everywhere.  But we can provide spaces between us and still be together and supportive of each other.


Tunnel vision biases please leave. Out of the trenches. Let’s not play gotcha games. This is not a game we are engaged in. Divisive rhetoric in the heat of the moment will not help. It undermines decisions made prioritizing public health and safety. Undermines our personal decisions for the good of all. We need to act as a unit. Support is the operative word, unity is key if we want to survive this life and death situation.


We will not accomplish anything positive if we continue to hate and divide one another because of political affiliations and beliefs, cultural differences, power hungry vendettas, grandstanding and pointing fingers. We must act as one, stand united. Politics is a none entity, a none issue when we are fighting a common enemy that does nothing but spread misery and death. Kill politics first before it kills us. Mistakes and missteps will happen that’s for sure. We are fighting against time as well. Learning from mistakes is key and not make them as tools that could leave us more vulnerable and unguarded. Keyword in a time like this is unity not hate. Hate must be castrated.


If there ever was a time to use #cancel this is it: #cancelhate.
Whatever it is in politics or anywhere else whether it is being pc, anti– incumbency, agendas, partisanships, cultural differences and what have you let not hate passion dominate our sense of compassion in the heat of the moment, as trying and taxing as it is already. Posturing inclined– please, out of the trenches. Hate pollutes minds, purveys misinformation, mongers fear, spreads anxieties,  undermines levelheadedness, distorts the truth. Hate kills.


Let’s break the contagion bridge.
Let’s kill everything that feeds and keeps the grim reaper virus Covid -19 alive. We are on a war footing. A cliche reborn. Let us kill the enemy at hand first during this time and then, yes, we can go back to the normal business of killing each other over our usual trivial differences where we, as incredible as it is, actually thrive. That said, the pain of suffering is incalculable, no metrics can give us the true picture of what this scourge has spread. There is no denominator. We can only cry.


We have seen a few cities sing and lament, even a whole country sing and lament.
We have seen our animal friends and birds alike roam the empty asphalt jungle of our cities as if wondering and concerned where all their human friends had gone.
People are waiting wondering what happens next, fear in their eyes. Zombie like eerieness pervades the scene. People are avoiding physical social contacts. Hug that was since forever synonymous with love and compassion is now a suspect evil hiding in an embrace without question you must avoid. This alone, among many things that were once symbolic of our affectionate close relationships with each other that define us as loving caring humans, is more than enough to make us cry. Yes in this time of uncertainty we need spaces, a place for us to be at peace with ourselves, not lose our faith but meditate that we are sustained by it, that we are guided by our Shepherd. Guided by His love.

Love one another

The World will fire up its engines again red hot like the Phoenix
reborn flying from the ashes with flaming red wings. The chaotic and turbulent sea will be calm again as the mythical Halcyon bird come to roost and build her nest upon the water.
All Earth, beloved by Mother Nature who is now just as in pain like us, will come to be rebuilt, recoup life, be made whole again with love as we come together from our spaces all hands on deck.

Photo: TV grabbed.

We love you ALL frontline responders, our heroes, incredible things you do this time in history, a very confusing and scary time. We salute you.

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