ode to a winged friend

           ode to a winged friend
birds are always on a journey
seeking sustenance
roosting they seek solitude
happy in nature
they have been with us
since our birth
like other creatures
mesmerized by our presence
like other creatures
they open up to us
stare at us in
talk to you in the most
muted wav
the most
cheerful chirping way
they fly over you
they fly close to you
they call in the most familiar way
at times mocking way
like other creatures
they respect us
looking like a cat at us
thinking of ways to communicate
to please you
seeing you in solitude
they reciprocate
they respect you
your peace and quiet
i wish I can sing their songs
i wish I can roost with them
i wish
i can please them
(c)ndr 9..18.2021
photo: shutterstock

poem inspired by brod ericus’ tranquil solitude with a bird that perched on a branch near him, stared at him

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