Of Migrants Hopes and Dreams

Ten Haikus

Of Migrants Hopes and Dreams
                              Ten Haikus
Steep wall the keep fortified
Raised bridge over moats
Seven seas across
Makeshift boats migrants paddle
Lighthouses unlit
Seven continents
Dark treacherous trek terrain
Dreams hopes fading fast
Driven out from homes
Refugees raped tortured killed
Stripped dehumanized
Seven seas and continents
To mankind prevails
Across seven seas
And seven continents there
Is as always hope
Always there is hope
From the bowels of the cave
Haunting songs of love
From the bosom of
Mother Earth springs forth the truth
Womb pregnant with  faith
A prism of love dwells
Amidst ambivalent homes
Compassion walked in
Drawbridges seen down
One by one lighthouses lit
Hopes dreams borne again
Photo: Migrants crossing a river in the Balkans. Photo credit rtvslo.si migration photos
Video: YouTube “The Lonely Shepherd” by Rieu/Zamfir, 5:39 minutes. There is love in humanity in this music, to me.

Ten Haikus on the migrant crisis across the globe. Love loves Humanity loves Love.

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