October Bear

American Dream

October Bear
              American Dream
American Dream
Fall rise volatile Wall Street
You scheme drool and scream
Seed planted watched slowly grow
Golden leaves your dream you glow
Autumn clouds lurking
October bear ghosts roaming
Market boards crashing
Gone your gold leaves of autumn
In God you trust more seed sown
                       * * *
Photo: ndr 2017 Brandywine River Museum of Art, Pennsylvania

Life has its cycles like the Wall Street market - rise and fall, zigzagging in all directions. The dogs purring cats barking. At the crossroads you always follow the sun for a spectacular sunset and maybe if you managed to hang on to that halo over your head you might see an equally spectacular sunrise. Life goes on! Nurture that American Dream. Don’t get hung up on the October Bear like the one that showed up last week. Hah!

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