the Iguana dance

      the Iguana dance
      . . .
fleeting emerald line
f   l   a   s   h   e   s
the day’s last light ray
a thin scale of iguana green
cuts across the bay
swirls in bands of silk blue shadows
to shore sways castanets bolero
to beds of crimson bougainvilleas
tiptoes to twilight into crescent moonlight
maracas dancing in a canopy of amber
fireflies singing nightingales in fields of starlights
into dawn
sparkling once more among the first rays
of the Sun now rising
                       . . .
Video:ndr Greenflash Sunset at Las Glorias Puerto  Vallarta Banderas Bay, MX, 5:44 minutes

Night of the Iguana, life goes on. Check out the 3-minute video of the greenflash. Maybe a yellow flash?
Updated video: Yellow purplish "greenflash" can be discerned as the sun disappears in this new video, now about 50 seconds longer. Sorry for the previous video posting.

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