Fluffs Of Dusts

Rat Race
Books on the shelves on the ledge
Thin medium thick short taller
Encyclopedia of knowledge
We love and tend to ignore.
Sardine pack tight look
Hard  bound soft bound
Oddly enough textbooks
Erehw-on to be found.
Cornucopia of titles in arts
And letters run the gamut
Of classical eggs and darts
Rendered east they are not.
Books on the shelves and ledge
Papal Bulls Darwinian Agnosticism
Encyclopedia of knowledge
Head on to barbaric mysticism.
Logic fiction novels science
Fairy tales history politics prose
And poetry music found by chance.
I took one
Dusty intact books stood froze'
A moment.
Fluffs of dusts smoked my hand
Leaving hardly a space
One I took.
NDR April 25, 1963 rev 6.30.2016

This is a look at the pace of life in the 60s competitive
society. Looking back it was a pace not nearly comparable to
today's "rat race" and the satanic "Et tu Brute" back stabbing
that's inherently going on. Even back then more than half a century
ago the race to succeed was tight, the prize is there for the
taking if you run hard and fast enough not to lose the space
on the shelf and end up with nothing but dust on your hand.
The poem was inspired when I was in the school library waiting
leisurely for my date. And yes she showed up smiling.

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over 3 years

Yes, it was a rat race. Books (multiple copies) disappear around Finals, borrowed even by people who don't need them. To spite the ones who do. I miss those days, hahahaha! I didn't fare very well at UP - not competitive enough. Which I'm hindsight did me well. For I was able to get my education here.

As always, like!

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 3 years

Thanks for liking, Brod. Indeed it was a "go get it now" world back then and istill is. I am glad I retired from it all and a lot happier where I am now but of course have not surrendered totally to complacency...things always can be better.

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