Two Times Reborn

It’s been asked.
And will be
Many times again
The meaning of life.
Lucky is one
Who has nine lives.
Luckier yet
Responding nine times.
Around me I see
This circle of life
Humming, buzzing, flying
Chanting, laughing, crying
Around me I see
Your Face I hear your Song
I feel your Love.
It’s been asked
And will be
Many times again
The meaning of life.
Why you why me
Why this circle of hope
This happy family
Why us? Why does it end?
Coming from a distant place
I walk to cleanse my soul
Scrub my body of thicken guilt
Sins that block the pores of my skin
To receive your Love
To accept your Life
To let your magnanimity permeate my soul.
Shared two times once two times reborn
Cleanse that I may respond seven times more
To the meaning of life.
©NDR 2009

Reflecting on the meaning of life Is like looking in the mirror shaving.
You take it for granted, there's always tomorrow, it's a given. But after
a broken heart and a near drowning death experiences you begin to
seriously take a second look at the mirror, create a space in your closet,
and dance the dance of your new life with your friend for life, your loved one.
Poem written a few weeks after a cardiovascular stent placement.

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