post 2020

Crackle and Spark
Joy to life all hope
Dark clouds move on clear the sky
Let the sun shine through
Winter woes be gone
The snow melts spring sprouts colors
Joy to life is here
To stay
The  cold moon waning fading
The fireplace crackles  and sparks
Photo: YouTube -The Age of Aquarius
Video: The Age of Aquarius/The 5th Dimension, 5 minutes

“Let the sunshine the sunshine in”

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5 months

And as 2020 morphs into 2021, may we leave all the negative behind and embark on a Aquarius dawn.

Like Brod. Gracias and merci for sharing

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
5 months

Thanks Brod for liking. We need this new year badly. Fingers crossed for the better.

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