The Manger

Carol Voices

The Manger
        Carol Voices
There is yet a whole lot of things to do
The only game in town left... life
Sweet times made sweeter with love
One day we’ll carry on and dance With the angels the cloud muses
We’ll slow dance the polka and
Tango the rock and roll as we waltz the salsa
Sing Baroque music recite Shakespeare in haiku
We’ll get lost behind the eight ball of the clouds
And gossamer fly to number nine And float bounce to heavenly bodies divine
Through a gauntlet of rainbow Stardusts and emerge where a pot  of steaming
Cafe Americano and fresh krispy kreme donuts await
The red and the green and the gold Christmas colors
Sugar and glaze coated without question
Filled with cream and chocolate fudge delights
Santa Claus and the elves fresh out from the mall smiling
The angels all look glowing with Smiles wanted a bite declined the offer
Shades of the apple tree you could see in their eyes
Ah... children of Eve we are
Continue to frolic with the muses
Ever lusting in our minds even in our spirit state our late life game
No less than with our Creator’s helpers
The ladylike  beautiful angelic laughters
Innocent in their sheer desire to help us
The denizens of paradise lost
And fly we fly and float we float
We hear a sweet tune wind caressed choral carol voices
From the white clouds the sun rays like arrows
Shaft-radiating down into Mother Earth
Paying homage to a boy in a manger
Where the shepherds gather
The wise men with gifts the angels humming
The gentle sheep and camel
The ass and the ox eyes fixed watching the manger
From where the Light of the World lies down
And on and on we fly nonchalant
On and on we frolic with the near naked muses
The cloud angels the gentle bearers
Of love and peace gentle souls
Like fireflies we dance with them Slow dance with them twirl dip them in the dark clouds
Drunk with the glittering stars and passion unrequited
All the while swaying with the apple from Paradise
The carol voices fading
The sun rays dead in the horizon
A quiet twilight softly breezes in
The wisemen gone three long shadows tracing behind
The shepherds sat down
The baby Boy asleep in the Manger
The gentle loving curious animals resting
Dark silently settles in
Paradise once more in limbo
Photo: Pinterest/Wallpaper Cave
Video: Andrea Bocelli “When a Child is Born”, under 5 minutes

A Very Merry Christmas To All!

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