Fire and Ice

Snow Dragon
           Fire and Ice
‘Twas hot the fire tornado twisting dance moves
The spiral ground to the sky pirouettes of a thousand ballerinas
That burned the earth floor left
a landscape of death and sustained destruction
As the hydra-headed Fire Dragon zigzag spewing scorching hades red hell with abandon
‘Twas a waning Harvest Moon
unto crescent winged October ghosts
Grey fog of smoke hover high and low along the highways in flames
Along the mountain bluffs in the canyons steppes and valleys
Man made structures lay wasted to the bones to the ashes
Alas the landscape now in embers dying
Yet Lo the winds slowly die out there is moisture in the air a cold whiff suddenly one feels
‘Twas a roar of cold breath from the north a chilly breeze echoes westerly
From Santa’s arctic front yard to far south where the Fire Dragon had feasted
From the permafrost across to the flatlands into the concrete jungle steel canyons of the east
Where deep shadows of angst and hope ground pattern the skyscrapers
The Snow Dragon yawns awakens from its tundra lair
The Cold Moon ushers in a bitter frozen season of joy
The icy tail swung the white glassy scales glow in the sun in the dark
Like a phoenix the winter Snow Dragon stretches high its now warm frigid wings formidable in eagle like flight
The fanged red mouth opens wide as it breathes once more a roaring cry of hunger to the Cold Moon of December
Foreboding a harsh stormy winter a landscape of Siberian snow sleet ice discomfort
Photo: ndr Snow Dragon

Fire in the summer and fall, ice in winter. Can spring be far behind? Summer beaches and fall colors and wintry joys of Christmas?

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over 1 year


Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

Yes! Brod I am over the moon! Thanks for liking as well. Love your brevity, says it all.

Robert L. Martin
over 1 year

Wow, those metaphors. That was beautiful, the best description of winter I've heard so far. If I was the teacher, I would give you an A +++ Bravo. Holy shit.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

Glad that you liked very much. Coming from you my elation is an understatement.
Thanks Robert.

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