The needle at the top of the old homing cedar tree
That single green sign of life reaching for the sun
The dark reddish brown tree branches and twigs long ago
Dried up with fern like needles balding at the slightest breeze
Yet a trunk oak strong standing proud all focused dug in
Effort sustained seeking life giving water reaching deep
Into the bowels of Mother Earth the vapor of a humid air
The little hint of sweet kindness from the intimate surrounding
Bushes and flowering plants sharing the passion for life
The angelic soft songs of little birds concerned calls
That the cedar needle at the top of a dying evergreen
Remains vibrant green sheen in full acceptance of love
In concert gathered wrapped in compassionate symphony
Harmony embraced chamber of a solo rejoicing acappella
In full acceptance of blissfulness
In full acceptance of kindness
In full acceptance of sadness
In full acceptance of bewilderedness
Of life now fragile
In full acceptance of the Creator
The green needle reaching straight for the sun
Faithful hopeful that one day will fly with the wind
To a journey far in the blue sky yonder loop
Beyond the edges of infinity and reincarnate manifest
As before as always an evergreen
...an avatar of eternal life
Photo: ndr Cedar tree side of our house 892019

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life (John 3,16).

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