Sail On Dear Brother

        Sail On Dear Brother
Bright blue beads sprouted yet single continuous strung together
With the same aspirations purposes likes connected with love aglow
Honor and pride dreams and despair in family we all grow
We congregate socialize adjust engage intensify we laugh we work
This is who we are hewn out of the same igneous rock yet unique
Camaraderie best describes our get togethers the full awareness trust
Total attention cheers we give to the spirits offered to us by a Brother
Yes we call each other Brother cut from a single block of kind thought
Underlying the foundation of our friendship a Brotherhood of Men
We depend upon each other no pretenses in our actions we are one kind
We thrive just like our rock setters envisioned five years and eight decades ago
A continuing gathering of brave men the seekers of truth visionaries all
Leaders we become wisdom we possess we mentor share but we remain modest
For when we rejoice in our laurels we rest on them we decay humbled we fail
Look at the winners around you the brother beside you your wife yourself
The embodiment of the Fraternity proudly known as The Tau Alpha.
The good things we are sharing this gathering this joy the 85th Homecoming
A gift from our Founding Fathers Argonauts in their own rights in the ship Argo
Journeyed the turbulent oceans through crushing cliffs through tests of time
At hand The Golden Fleece a Treasure of Wisdom ever will keep us Unbroken
A family of faith honor bound we are beholden to beauty the truth steadfast we keep
...and so...
The continuous blue beads line had worn yet polished with many golden beads
Intermittently we pause when a bead on the thread suddenly flickers and dims
As had been done many times we honor celebrate the life of our departed Brother
A Friend a Tau Alphan a Golden Bead taken close to our hearts we bid
                                    “Sail on dear Brother!”

A poem honoring brotherhood. Public domain picture.

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J Ann Crowder
about 3 years

Beautifully written. Wonderful imagery, the blue beads sprouted and woven together. I love that imagery!

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
about 3 years

You inspire me to write, and I thank you. I wrote this poem as requested by a Frat brother for the 85th Homecoming being held this month in Manila. It will be read on the last night during the Grand Ball I was told. I am not attending though. Thank you again Jenifer for loving.

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J Ann Crowder

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