To all the people who are still stuck in school

Where people are judged.
When a sign is put on someone’s head that makes the crowd draw closer or fall back.
It’s the one place where people are scared to be them selves.
When they put a mask on and call it a personality.
They try and look you in the eye and say its real,
But they can’t hide the lie
Everyone walks around with  secret and act like its okay
School, that place that teaches you yet each time you go they never teach you about the real world
The reality that you won’t be understood.
They claim that people who see the reality of things are crazy, weird, different, maybe even mad.
But how can I be crazy if I see the authenticity of things?
How do you not know that I’m the normal one while you’re weird?
This is the place where people are worshiped and stepped on.
The place where people are scared of you or with you.
And we all get along with the voices inside of our heads.
Wear this today, put this on.
We powder our faces with make up, trying to hide from our true self.
We act like this for now until the bell rings then you change.
You are no longer the goody two shoes. You are no longer the girl who doesn’t appear to have emotions.
You have become a victim.
A person who let the society alter you.
Change you into its own creation.
Teachers assume they act like they know who you are, what we do.
Yet the whole time as you walk through those doors you think
Who am I today?
Your mind fights with yourself as you walk into a place called school.
The place where you shut your true self out or let it in.
This is the new generation.
For when you walk through those doors, you choose who you want to be.
This is the reality.
School is not for the weak but the people who don’t change, the people who have enough strength to be themselves.


Just about what happens in school

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