For some reason I don’t believe you,
yet you wonder how I perceive you.
An enveloped with un answered questions,
I have to fight for affection.
A trophy at the end of the pain,
I slip up and say my real name.
Is love just the name of the game.
My thoughts feel rather insane.
Camp out inside my brain.
After a bout of hysteria,
I cleanse my whole area.
Publicly humiliate myself,
fight for my common health.
Its easier cry to the masses,
then go home and shatter
your ashes.
To grieve someone who is alive,
someone I’m not deprived of.
You pop up whenever you want to.
Sometimes the need just to haunt you.
Never wanted to flaunt you.
Maybe I’m trying to taunt you.
I’m here for your inner healing,
you seem rather appealing.
But my insides are dying– I’m dealing.
Something not worth revealing.
I hope you find what you’re searching for–
because I don’t think its me anymore

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