who am I becoming?

Waking up in a different dimension,
everything is up for grabs– such suspension.
I can feel my soul is wrecking havoc, causing tension.
My insides bursting at the seems,
and nothing is as it seems.
Heck I’m not anxious, I’m not sad,
I feel empty tho. I’m not glad.
I see the world differently
nothing is the same to me.
I look in the mirror
I can see clearer.
Happiness is such a foreign concept, numb for so long.
Still detached, humming a different song.
Like growing pains, my soul is shedding– new skin.
I am no longer living in sin, but I can see within.
I need to burst out of this cage & run for all the years
that I have lost– drowned in all my fears.
The past seeps in and I KEEP running,
I look into my eyes and they seem stunning.
But I know when I stare at you, they seem cunning.
Who am I becoming?

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