Love chains of a claimer’s needs
are a sign that love still has a hold
even though it doesn’t.
Claimers try to force love to run
the desired path even though it can’t anymore.
They try to repair the spiritual binding
that was once.
They try anything to hold onto love
as the links begin to weaken.
They defy love’s creed, “Let freedom flourish,”
as their lover’s freedom is bound in chains.
They visualize their lover running
to another lover even if he did or didn’t.
With the chain wrapped around, how can he?
How can love be forced onto anyone?
It’s either upholding the other’s freedom or not.
Freedom gives him the desire to reciprocate,
the feeling in his heart to make her happy,
and through her happiness she
has no desire to fasten a chain around him.
He instilled the feeling of trust within her.
Love has no need for jealousy and mistrust.
Righteous lovers nurture
the freedom in each other.
They both uphold the laws of love
by wanting to make each other happy.
What is wrong with that?

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Robert L. Martin
almost 2 years

Thanx Nelson. The chains are too tight. Let them loose.

Nelson D Reyes
almost 2 years

Disembogue. Let love flow. Love and let love.

Like. Thanks Robert


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