The Purring

Purring like a sleepy lion after dinner,
Humming like a finely tuned engine,
Singing like a choir of Nightingales,
Playing with the softness of the orchestra,
Letting the sound in to set you free,
Anticipating the warmth to come your way,
Expressing love to the sadness of the strings,
Emoting sadness through the blending,
Uniting with the sound that devours you,
Letting it seep through every pore,
Touching the magic in the depths of the music,
Letting it play with your emotions,
Letting it sing to you like a maternal lullaby,
Keeping the passion flowing with caution,
Letting that solitude become part of you,
Letting it soothe you like a cooling mist,
Kneading the sounds with your soft fingers,
Softly as a baby’s skin so smooth,
Like a fat cloud hanging in the lazy sky,
Or a glassy lake smiling at the sunset,
Keeping pace with Nature as she sleeps,
Smiling with her as she kisses the dawn,
Riding on the sun as it crosses the sky,
Sleeping with the stars
And drifting around the planets,
Lowering the highs and raising the lows,
Keeping the sound on an even keel,
Putting the growling to bed
And singing it into a deep sleep,
“Little one with your contented purring.”

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