Air of Wonder

Up higher than the highest mount
where man can see but not know,
of the mysterious air not yet revealed,
where eagles roam the upper sky
and man yearns to sprout his wings and find the answers
to his inquiries,
Is the upper sky the same
as it is outside his cave?
Will it lift him up to
where the eagles dare?
Can he touch the ceiling?
Curiosity, the seed of imagination,
the blue print of knowledge,
the introspection of the self,
the conversion of
imagination into reality,
the planting of the seed,
the labor of the nurturing,
the will to continue,
the finding that becomes the
launching pad to the next finding,
the refinement of it,
the trials of its credibility,
the disappointment of its failure,
the need to rethink the procedure,
the reevaluation of character,
the strengthening of the spirit,
the fight left in his broken heart,
the never die attitude of man,
the success attributed to his will
to achieve his goal,
the invention of the airplane,
air of wonder, air of imagination,
of application, of determination,
of courage; hence the knowledge
of the air above the highest mount.

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