No Falling Back

If the human mind were that of an ant, perseverance, that blind obedience, would become one’s natural way to achieve an end no matter how long it took, but since reasoning is in place, it brings doubt.  With man’s way of reaching that end, perseverance has to be the result of a learned motivation, so carefully examined as to erase any doubt as to whether that end will be reached.
After finding out if he has the proper tools to perform his task ahead, the image of that result must remain fixed in his mind to give him the incentive to keep going.  No road is too long to he who advances deliberately and without haste.  No gratification is too distant for he who prepares himself for the end with patience.
He must be mindful of instinct and respect the way it functions.  He must conduct himself in the manner as to incorporate these traits in his daily life.
Blind obedience, that resignation to a higher authority, is nature’s way of nurturing itself as the bird builds its nest one stick at a time.  If man were to conduct his life in a similar manner, good results will always come, no matter how distant they are.  We cannot reason ourselves into giving up.  Doubt never finishes the task ahead.

From my book entitled, "A Sage's Diary."

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