Ancient Engines

Ancient Engines
Mysterious columns lie at the bottom
Monsters of the sea flap their sunken arms
Powerful engines start up at the dawn of time
With the strength to move heavy volumes
Stemming from its massive arms of steel  
Motion speeds up through the dark waters
Daylight is a heavenly resting place to come
Where the air tastes like the nectar of the Gods
With a sweetness destined for the ether up above
Crystal waters make way for their eternal stirring
As motion brings its armies to mount their attack
Emptying their arsenals of spears and battleaxes
Rising to the surface with their bloodthirsty cries
The walls of the presidio are about to cave in
Crystal clear waters sensing death to the stillness
Growing ripples run for safety from the onslaught
Swirling masses heave upon each other
Mounting waves make their way shoreward
Until its final dashing upon the rocks and sand
As its energy becomes exhausted and
Circles back into the calm
And becomes lost again
But as the master of the earth always says
“I rescue life from its eternal stagnation
I move the clouds and the seasons
I breathe life into the tombs
I am the ancient engine
That stirs up the seas
And starts life in motion
And keeps it that way.”

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