The Recognition
Change, that sometimes unwanted shifting
When comfort is in the way it makes us feel
When comfort is a permanent state
When our minds are accustomed to it
When complacency is all we desire
Change is an evil that invades our world
Sometimes our world needs the shifting
If we can’t see why the need for it
Why does it have to change?
If we are comfortable with the way it is
The need for it must lie
Beyond our comprehension
If we could recognize the need for change
We could understand why it is better for us
If we were more cognizant of ourselves
And the way our environment affects us
We would find the answer for that need
We could see why change is necessary
To want to be in a new environment
After we settle into our new comfort zone
We’ll become accustomed to it and desire it
Comfort will make us satisfied with the change
Through our compliance
Our new environment will be
Beneficial to us
Until that change comes about
We won’t be satisfied
Until that change
Becomes comfortable to us
In a new and better world
Wisdom and patience
Are all what we need

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