At Rest

At Rest
When our blood is an angry current
Where velocity becomes a force
Pushing the boundaries of sanity
Surging past tranquil places
That our minds dream of as
Our soul needs its rest
As weary travelers do
There is a world where turmoil dissolves
Into a soft liquid that warms the spirit
Where repose warrants its ventures
And life is a clear passageway to peace
Where we can touch the spirit within
An unknown place that is part of us
A place where sages roamed before
And meditated upon their new findings
And spilled their thoughts into books
And their new selves became a new plateau
That raised them up to greater heights
As everywhere around was a paradise
A place that they know and that we need
An ode to the quiet that’s within
May it ever be there for us
May we be able to find it
May the peace fill us
With its love and
Make us feel
At rest

As featured in Long Story Short" magazine

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