Beautiful Laura in a chiffon dress
Twisting legs under dire distress
Swirling above the seas in rapid motion
A ballarina above the restless ocean
Sweet Laura, slave of the wicked waters
Born of Neptune, man of many daughters
Cast out into the sea to live with the fishes
Her home bequeathed to fulfill his wishes
Her innocence corrupted, her smiles gone
She swims in the waters all day long
She awaits the tempest with anxious breath
In her erratic home at her father’s request
On the approaching of the evil wicked wind
She swims to the top and begins to spin
From above she’s a beautiful rotating mass
A collosal slow moving dancing lass
Down below she’s a beast with seven horns
A tortuous she devil, a dancer in the storms
A victim of the winds caught up in the rage
Beautiful Laura, kept up in her cage
Turned loose to fly with the swirling beast
To give the earth a beating and disrupt the peace
Poor Laura, poor sweet,
innocent, beautiful Laura.

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Robert L. Martin
2 months

Hi Gregorio
I love to let my imagination run free. It makes me feel good.

Gregorio H.
2 months

What a magnifique sonority and quality of images you embrace within your poetry.

Robert L. Martin
3 months

Thanks Nelson. And when she gets tired, she starts up again.

Nelson D Reyes
3 months

And she continues to swirl halfway round the world and meet up with her childhood friends and in turn begins the journey again across the seas with a new moniker.
The joy of the open seas hers to frolic with innocence without guilt.

Thanks Robert. Like.

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