Beauty in her rhythmic finery,
her rainbow colored ensemble,
her pulsating heart and vibrant limbs,
melodic feet and alluring arms,
feathery fingers reaching inside,
up and over the warming of the spine,
pulling out the tears and fears,
the inhibitions and cerebral taboos,
loosening the shackles around the heart,
casting them into the silent air,
filling it with poetry and rhythm,
rosemary and thyme,
sanctifying it with holy water,
breathing in the nectar of the Gods,
combining elements of love and song,
joining them with the cadence of the winds,
another camaraderie of the spirit,
another beauty to offer to the Gods,
creating another heartbeat of sound,
a spiritual potion to enliven the heart
and pump new blood through the portals,
beauty blended with another beauty,
of a new renaissance and rebirth,
a sound that paints the air with tears,
with quiet thunder on a gilded easel,
with dancing feet that never stop,
that tire when the earth ceased to run,
when the oceans dry up and fade away,
and life runs out of life,
of a rejuvenation that awakens the spirit,
an eternal blessing from the eternal winds,
a sound that echoes the cadence of the Gods,
the motion of the electric earth,
the spirit of the rhythmic oceans,
the dance that dances into the sunset,
the warmth that suffuses the heart,
the feeling that brings us to beauty’s home,
her rhythmic heartbeat and sounding passion
that makes us move like we
never moved before as we dance her dance.

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Robert L. Martin
over 1 year

Thanx Nelson. When I was in Stuttgard, Germany, I went to see African dancers many times at the Liederhalle.

Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

Rock and rolling the tango of life the milonga accordion of lonely silhouette of love...

Loved it. Beautiful dance of love Thanks Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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