Behind The Mist

Behind the mist or could be never,
World of imagination made of leather,
A replacement sun in the transitory sky
With diamonds for all the money could buy,
A new dawn of strange shapes and colors,
Of blues and greens or transparent others,
A sky made of steel and shiny bronze
As wizards wave their magic wands,
Floating giants that live up in the skies
Counting all the suns that wake up and rise,
Clouds that shine and chase the rains away
And rainbows that form into a color gray,
Another mist that precedes another mist
That lasts until the alpha and omega tryst,
Or a departure that opens up the skies again
As the day starts in motion to the very end,
When the sun grows weary
And dives into the sea,
Just like the day before,
‘Til twilight let it be.

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