In our old age there comes a time
When we can’t find the words to rhyme.
With your assistance, you can surely help.
Words don’t come as easy as__________.
When we were young, we didn’t have to think.
Words were there waiting for us to_________.
For young writers, words are easy to find.
When I was young, they were__________.
Our memories are there, but it’s hard to create.
We remember actions, but forget___________.
Old poets need help to find the proper word.
With your help, you can________________.
I know you can do it, because I used to know
Good rhyming words that were___________.
There are millions of words waiting for us
In our sub-consciousness that we_______.
I know you must be a fine poet like I was.
I could pick words out of the__________.
I could charm the ladies with the words I knew.
They would smile when I said_____________.
But when old age came, they stopped smiling.
And the words seemed to fade like________.
I lived a good life with the words that I wrote,
When in my early years I________________.
Then I started losing the words that could rhyme,
But with your help I can___________________.
Thank you for your assistance for writing this poem.
I know it will be great when__________________.

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Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

Noodle kelp. I'll have to put that word in, whatever it means. We are poets by God. We can put anything in them that we feel like putting in. We can even make up words. We can be as free as the wind.

Nelson D Reyes
over 3 years

:-)) . Let me start with the first one:
"Words don't come as easy as noodle kelp"
Or " easy as when you carp". Funny. Like. This would keep me busy. Thanks Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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