Bestial Man

Half human, half beast,
living in the soul of man
with six claws, two paws,
two hands, ten fingers,
protruding fangs, pearly teeth,
blood on the appetite,
an ear for the voice of the divine,
an ear for demonic voices,
a light shadowed by the dark,
a scepter stained with blood,
a soul housed by sin and virtue,
a clear mind eclipsed by the mist,
an intelligence with no intelligence,
a battle waged in its self-appointed hell,
a victory gained and a victory lost,
a paradise sought and a paradise forsaken,
a paradise rescued by the grace of God,
the half human moving toward the whole,
filling up the darkness with the light,
gaining influence and steadily growing,
the whole Godly human with no sin,
the reconstruction of bestial man,
the dream of the religious thinkers;
hence, the salvation of the world.

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