As we were plowing the fields getting ready for the planting, the earth was obliging by keeping her angry clouds at bay.  Mother Nature allowed us to continue our work.  We had close to one hundred acres to plow, so we had to rely on her cooperation.  
Just as we had finished about half of our work, there was a clap of thunder from the sky, but only blue skies aloft.  We looked to the east, the west, and all around, but no dark clouds.  Where did it come from?  Just then, we saw a flash of light and then a huge round object hurtling toward us.  Then it veered off to the left and crashed in our neighbor’s empty field about one half mile away.  We ran toward it with our hearts beating through our chests, terrified but curious.  
When we arrived at the place where it crashed, there was a massive hole in the ground.  It must have been a half mile in circumference.  Just as I went close to the edge, the ground began to shift under me and I began to fall.  As I was franticly trying to keep from being swallowed up, my friend kept saying, “don’t worry, I’ll get you out of there.”  Then I lost it as I started falling.  I didn’t black out, so I remembered what I saw on the way down, hidden caverns, streams, tunnels.  I was screaming at the top of my lungs, but I didn’t hit anything.  I just kept falling while missing all those boulders.  I couldn’t keep track of the time because there was no sun.  All I know is that a long time passed while I traveling through the earth.  
Thank God, I finally saw the sun again.  I must have fallen through the other side of the globe.  But I didn’t stop.  I still kept falling.  Then it happened.  Something soft placed itself under me, as I gradually came to a stop.  It was a giant hand.  I looked up and saw some sort of an image with a kind face.  It said to me, “Don’t worry, my child, there is always salvation at the bottom of your falling.  I will never abandon you.  I am always here for you.”
Then I woke up when my wife kept nudging me with her elbow.  She said to me.  “You fell asleep during the sermon.  It was about salvation.  No matter how far you fall, God is always there for you.”
Then I replied, “Yes I know.  My dream told me all about it.”

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Charlotte B. Williams
over 5 years

All I can say is amen.

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