Searching for Dignity

Searching for Dignity

My soul bid me to look past man’s devaluation of his own self and find the dignity in him that he had lost sight of.  I’m to be a prospector looking for gold. The gold in him is that forgotten light hidden within his soul that illuminates his God-self, that reachable, honorable, consciousness that mankind moves toward whether he knows it or not.  It dwells within his silent depth.
His low self-esteem had forced him to lose sight of his worth.  The voice of his spirit had become his thoughts and actions, that constant, belittling state that he put himself into.  Since that is all he knows, he looks for it in others.  It is like a plague that attacks the nobility of mankind and reduces it to its self-inflicted degradation.
If we can visualize what a proud position that we can put ourselves into, we can impel ourselves to live up to it. If we can look and see what man has done to himself, we can rehabilitate mankind in that manner.  If we can do what mankind has failed to do since man first walked upon the earth, we will have conquered the unconquerable.  
Even if that hasn’t worked for all of civilization in its history, it can at least work for someone that comes close to us in our lifetime.  We strive to keep the faith in ourselves as well as fellow man.  God bless us all on earth.

From my book entitled, "A Sage's Diary."

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