Flamenco Fury
Waltzing, but not waltzing
Feeling gay, but not smiling
Dancing, but not floating
Free, but not loose
Hands and fingers in their caressing
Like new lovers in their glory
Telling stories of how passion flows
Of thunders rant and rainbows sighing
Beating floors with stabbing feet
Pounding rhythm through the floor
Syncopating love stories to the max
Of lovers fighting and lovers swooning
Waltzing fervently through heated poems
Volcanoes shouting and sunsets smiling
All hail to life and its grand palaces
All hail to life and its marauding oceans
Those dancers, whose dancing is their blood
Stories are written in their intensive eyes
Through thorns and velvet byways they rest
Swept away by the glory of song and rhythm
Flamenco dancers, you are so beautiful

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