Dancing with dancers in a silent story
Speaking not but swinging in constant motion
Like the ocean talks and the tides listen
And the waves dash and the foam rides
The unification of Neptunian rites
The conformation of motion unto motion
Of ancient currents commanding the high seas
Moving in unison to tell a story in rhythm
As dancers conform to the oceanic rites
Of precision and beauty and tidal nights
Speaking in eternal rhythms not out of time
Singing with nature’s choir not out of tune
Dancing with dancers not out of step
Telling a story as many tell
That sounds like only one has told
In a language melted into liquid sonnets
That reaches every fissure and every nerve
Commanding and following every move
Unified with the waves and the ways of nature
With legs extended and arms in sync
Unified with their brothers in poetic motion
Adding power to the power of submission
Painting pictures without a paintbrush
Writing an epic without a pen
Caressing sound like a patient lover
Dancing lightly through the hills and valleys
Silk upon silk and thrill upon thrill
A language not spoken but harmoniously felt
A dance not broken but unified in music
A love not consummated but lyrically portrayed
By dancers in their poetic silence
As they receive the love, digest the love,
And pass it on to the next.

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Robert L. Martin
over 2 years

Flying without wings, etc. Thanx Nelson

Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

This is great! Indeed a unity of words “melted into liquid sonnets”. Like playing music without touching an
instrument - playing a theremin. Dancing without touching the floor, floating in the air.

Love it. Fave. Thanks Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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