Majority’s Influence
Piercing voices of power and strength
Voices muffled by hammer-headed roars
Tidal masses that blaze through the storm
Justice swallowed up by blinding waters
Morality is a sinking ship at sea
Intelligence is a sparrow caught up in the wind
Majority’s got the best of mankind’s finest
A lamb teaming up with a pack of wolves
Humanity is no longer a thinking tribe
It’s caught up in a swirling maze
Too lost in its complacency to care
Running alone is a forgotten dream
Woe is me to wander away from home
To join a band of wayward tribes
Home is where ideals cling to ideals
Why would I want to disrupt
My self-assuring ways?
Security? Loneliness? Diffidence?
Curiosity? Restlessness? Uneasiness?
I vow to pick myself up and
Fight until the solitary end

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