My hat, my own,
My possession, my slave,
My rain repellentthinger,
My object, my dummy,
My lumpa’ felt, felted lump,
Closet dweller, room taker upper,
Piece of junk, no named nothin’,
Lower than the lowest,
Dunce in the closet,
Closeted junk, nitwit, nincompoop,
Waiting for me to come alive,
To be worn by me,
To gain prominence,
To take over, gain control,
To become the wearerer,
The one who wears me,
Me the wearee,
Me the nitwit in the closet,
To doff me and
Smile at the ladies,
That no good piece of crap
That became my slaver daddy,
That &$^@*son of a *^#%&$.

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