Herman sat down to try out
His new remote.
“How do I turn on the T.V?”
He thought to himself.
“What’s this button for?
What the hell just happened?
Who are you, little mini man?
Did you just come
Popping out of the remote?”
“I’m your micro remote man,” said he.
“I’m here to tell you
How to turn on your T.V.
You don’t push this button.
It’s your alarm clock.
This button is your calendar.
This button tells you
What movies are playing.
This button is for playing games.
This button tells you
Where to buy an albino hippopotamus.
This button nullifies all the
Buttons you pushed before.
This button explains why you
Pushed the wrong button.
This button calls you an idiot for
Pushing the wrong buttons.
This button tells you to never
Push any buttons anymore.
This button reprimands you
For being so stupid.”
“So tell me how to
Turn on the T.V,” said Herman.
“Uh, I forgot,” said he, the
Micro remote man.
“Just toss the remote
In the trash can and
Buy another one.”

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