Military men that can keep a secret are the true heroes. No matter how severely they are tortured, they still won’t divulge the country’s secrets. They deserve every medal that can be handed out for keeping the information to themselves.
Colonel Morris was flying a reconnaissance mission over enemy lines when his plane was hit by hostile fire. As he was floating down in his parachute, he pulled out his cell phone and called headquarters to give his location, so he could be rescued. There were many enemy soldiers waiting for him when he landed. He was captured and immediately taken into custody.
They tried every kind of torture on him to find out how many ground troops were employed in the area. They held his face under water, pulled out his finger nails, and cut off one of his fingers, but he still wouldn’t tell them.
Then the ultimate torture was the next in line. They made him listen to Joseph Haydn music for twenty four hours without any break. It put him in a deep hypnotic stupor. When they came back into his cell, he was so bored he was just staring at the walls as he smiled at them. They couldn’t get any information out of him by then. He didn’t even know his own name. By then, his comrades found his location and stormed the enemy camp and rescued him. He was just sitting there staring at the walls minus one of his fingers, not smiling or anything.
A few days later, he started coming back to his senses.  “H-h-h-haydn, H-h-haydn, Haydn, no more Haydn.” Then he jumped up from his cot and yelled at the top of his lungs, “Hallelujah, no more Haydn.”
While Colonel Morris was being decorated for his bravery, he pulled out his speech from his pocket that he jotted down and it went like this. “I wasn’t a hero and I don’t deserve this medal. It was the music of Joseph Haydn that hypnotized me and put me into my hypnotic state. It was so boring, I became Haydnized. I didn’t even know what to tell the enemy anyway. I didn’t even know what my name was let alone any secrets. The remedy for getting any information from anyone is not by making them listen to Haydn. They will get so bored they won’t know anything after that. The enemy will have to think of another kind of torture if they want to be successful in the future.”

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