Hitlady lady inside her lair,
a hitman man type lady fair,
is a shady lady with a big hit whip,
intact and stacked and all that shit.
Her skirts are on their rising up along her thighs.
My pants are rising with my big, big eyes.
Hitlady Sadie of the hitman type lady fair child,
born and raised and running up through the wild.
Stung by the whip as I can say,
a hit whipped nitwit as I am today,
Hitlady Sadie of the hitman type kind,
Kicked the shit out of me so blind.
But what fun we had inside her cave
until she hit me, her nitwit slave.
Fun, fun, fun, up until the whipping,
my butt still hurts upon my sitting.
Watch out for shady lady Hitlady Sadie.
She hits and flips and whips, milady.
Don’t go near her. Just stand there and look,
or you’ll get your royal whippin’ beshtook.

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about 1 month

As Ive said, you make me smile...

Nelson D Reyes
about 2 months

My kind of whipping cream!
I’d like a taste of her “beshtook” variety. Ha!
Never met any whipping wit
lady in all the ‘nth heavens I’ve been. Thanks Robert for introducing your hot hot hot hit hit hit lady.


about 2 months

"now whip it
into shape
shape it up
get straight
go forward
move ahead
try to detect it
it's not too late
to whip it
whip it good"

DEVO song lyrics


about 2 months

Buwahahaha! Like!

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