Love Incarnated

The lonely garden at the onset
Of the evolution of life,
The churning of mother earth,
The yearning of mankind,
The seed in his heart,
The nature in his system,
The loneliness in his soul,
The desire to feel another body,
To unite with another soul,
To release the stream within,
To execute God’s handiwork
That enlivens his senses inside
And gives him the desire
To conform to the laws of procreation,
Hence the arrival of love from
The heavens yet made flesh,
A calming to soothe the mind,
The answer to the
Lonely man’s cravings,
The tranquilizer for his
Hostile thoughts,
Woman with wisdom to
Lay down the all-righteous path
For him to walk upon,
Love’s advocate with an
Eye in her heart to see the unseen,
That shows him the divinity of love,
The love made pure as pure remains,
The love of equality and mutual respect,
Love’s endurance through the ages
And the rules set forth
To be branded in his heart,
To cause pain for all acts of deviation,
A conscience to bring him
Back to love again
And to feel love’s purity
Reminding him of love’s
Natural state,
The divine rules that lead
To a contented life
And be united in heart and soul
With love’s incarnation.

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