Domesticated Madness

The out of bounds reaching
The running from a common place
with common thoughts in place
A domesticated madness in bloom
A freedom song with a girded voice
A restraint within a freedom
An absurdity of the ordinary in charge
A leading of the rational
to its irrationality
The building blocks of humor and wit
The hands of madness pulling
The hands of the ordinary resisting
The scales of the mad
and  the sensible in balance
An artistic rennaisance
A poem rising from it’s womb
and breaking through its outer limits
A music renaissance
A harmonic sequence
defying the rules of harmony
but yet still harmonious
Culture on a progressive tract
Culture still in an unsettled state
Staying alive, breaking new rules,
The old giving into the new
The new with an eye on the future
Culture resisting stagnation with
the flowing and its continuation
Running outside of mainstream
on the legs of determination
The plotted course of madness
Of sanity still pulling the reins
Of prudence leading the way
Of passion carrying the torches
Of madness giving it the courage
A domesticated madness
broken through the outer limits

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