Death is Nearing
Death for I know I see thee come
The hour nears so with the rising sun
I await its pain but soothing comfort
To God my prayers I thee consort
My calling here I did fulfill
My wasted pages I lay down my quill
Too many words have now been written
To life and its contentment I’ve been bitten
Loneliness drove me to my mortal fate
On privacy’s behalf I took the bait
Too many secrets they festered inside
White wings of death I will thee ride
Take me with you and sing me a song
Upward to paradise is where I belong
I leave behind all the pain and misery

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Inge Mack
9 days

Robert, it is patiently waiting for all of us. Some sooner, some later. I like the eloquence with which you wrote this poem.


Robert L. Martin
Robert L. Martin
8 days

Thank you Inge.
I'm a senior citizen. Many of us just wait for death to pull them out their misery. I try to make the best of it by writing. It helps me keep my mind active.

Olga Gavrilovskiy
18 days

I feel that way sometimes, tired and ready to leave this life. But I sure hope death doesn't come to escort you for quite some time, for so many people enjoy your verse and company :-)

Robert L. Martin
Robert L. Martin
18 days

I hope I have many years left. I have a lot of writing to do.

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