Linear Stimuli

What kind of line are you?  Do you curve around and entangle yourself with yourself with no end to your travels?  Do you tell a story about beauty, the way it flaunts itself in all its glory? Are you bestowed with rich colors and curves that move with grace and play upon feelings?
Do you lie upon a pedestal and encompass yourself in the form of a woman?  Do you inspire artists to move their brushes with grace and passion?  Do you take the one who gazes upon you to exotic places that speak to him with the language of the Gods?
Are you straight, vertical, and horizontal that puts facts and information in their proper places where the Gods are merely muted spectators that hibernate back into their caves?  Is brevity your mode of speech that bestills the heart and expands the intellect?  Is life black and white, or is it imbued with a rose colored radiance?
What we read into the lines affects how we are moved by them.  Stimulation isn’t so much as how we choose it, but how it chooses us.

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