Money's Not So Bad

Money’s Not So Bad
Loud booming voices come to my bedside
No place to go, no place for me to hide
Money screams at the top of its lungs
In a secret language with different tongues
I’m too afraid to go anywhere near
I’ll lose control, my terrifying fear
Vultures wait for me to slip
To wrap their claws in a deadly grip
An easy life for them to inherit
Drained from me for their own sweet benefit
It I weren’t so scared to keep a watchful eye
I’d embrace my phobia to let my spirit fly
Money’s not so bad, it’s only paper
It blows in the wind on a carefree caper
I can’t worry when it comes my way
Please calm me down when I go to pray
Lord, help me lose my fears
I’m a big boy now, too big to lose control

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