Lonely Violin
My love, my woman, my angelic song
Your whole body holds a
Gentle sweetness destined for me
Your subtle waist a sculptor’s dream
And your strings woven from the
Sinews of the rainbow
Your music yearns for me in its lonely ways
Your sad eyes reach deep into my heart
And your tears sing lullabies to my spirit
And cast their nets into open seas
Where infinity materializes into holy places
You with your songs locked in your heart
Awaiting kind fingers and tearing eyes
Music to be guided up to the
Realm of the Gods with
Soft caresses and symphonic prayers
Either just the two of us or with
You and your friends together
Blended into a sweet mixture of beauty
Of soft harmonic passages and tearful chants
We will go to exotic places and
Enchanting forests together
And visit places where
The sage’s talk about
To paradises where
Heaven sings to the earth
You shall be sad no more
My lonely violin

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